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The concept of GHEAMA was built on presenting the taste and culture of traditional Georgia in a modern European way, Georgian cuisine revised. A fresh perspective on the concept of dining where food, wine, community, discovery and imagination are the centre. While classic dishes, original methods and design aesthetics are all at the heart of GHEAMA, the restaurant is unmistakingly creative and infused with the elegance of Milan, the beauty and freedom of the Mediterranean and the sophistication of an international world. "Our guests should feel at home where they constantly discover something new and interesting to them. Where they can feel free to express themselves, have fun and enjoy beautiful moments together with us.” Irina Shengelidze Irina Shengelidze wanted to share her love for her home Georgia with the world. A place rich with culture, expressive in its food and wine, rich in its history and adventurous in art, music and culture. While the history of Georgia is longstanding and abundant, its beauty is widely undiscovered. As international as many variations of cuisine have become, this small nations abundant traditions in the kitchen have been left untouched. … Through “Gheama”, our guests will have a unique chance to get to know Georgia closer. This will be a space for artists, photographers, designers.”Irina Shengelidze Through her time spent in Milan, and her life and love of the meditteranean Irina saw not only an opportunity to introduce Georgian cuisine to the work but also to evoke the imagination and create a place of warmth and wonder, her expression of the beauty in life. Along with Riccardo De Vicari, and Tony Tudino, GHEAMA became their interpretation of an idealistic space, with every detail having a purpose, a connection to the past, present and future of Georgia and to the concept of goodness in balance.

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